Electric Power Sector Reform Act, 2005

Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) Act, 2015


Customer Service Standards of Performance for Distribution Companies - NERC 2007

Generation Procurement Guidelines - NERC 2014

Market Rules for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry - TCN 2014

MYTO 1.0 Order 2008-2013 - NERC

MYTO 2.1 Order 2015-2018 - NERC 2014

MYTO 2.1 Order 2015-2018 - NERC 2015-03 (Amendment)

Order Abolishing Meter Maintenance Fee - NERC 2011

Regulation for Embedded Generation - NERC 2012

Regulation for Independent Electricity Distribution Networks (IEDN) - NERC 2012

Regulation for Permit for Captive Power Generation - NERC 2008

Regulation for Procurement of Generation Capacity - NERC 2014

Regulation on Local Content for the Power Sector - NERC 2012

Regulation on Methodology for Estimated Billing - NERC 2012


Electricity Master Plan - Power Sector Reform Committee 2008

Energy Requirements for Vision 20-2020 - ECN 2014

National Energy Policy - ECN 2003

Roadmap for Power Sector Reform - PTFP 2010

Roadmap for Power Sector Reform (Rev 1) - PTFP 2013


Energy Sector Study ­(2nd Edition) – GIZ NESP 2015

The 2nd edition of this study is a throurougly revised update presenting the current status of the Nigerian energy sector, analysing in particular opportunities for on-grid renewable energy, off-grid rural electrification and energy effciency with fresh data. It provides national stakeholders and international development partners with an unparalleled overview and baseline information to initiate and facilitate private and public investment into renewable energy and energy efficiency. Download



Institiutional and Policy Mapping RE, EE and RrE ­– GIZ NESP 2014

The study provides baseline information for the envisaged harmonisation of the institutional and policy framework for renewable energy, rural electrification and energy efficiency in Nigeria as precondition for promoting investment in this sector. Download