Renewable energy on/off-grid




National Policy and Guidelines on RE (draft) - ICEED FMoE 2010

National Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEEP, approved) - FGN 2015

Nigerian Biofuel Policy (draft) - NNPC 2007

Renewable Electricity Action Program (REAP) (draft) - ICEED FMoP 2006

Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP) (2nd draft) - ECN UNDP 2012

Solar Energy Master Plan (Summary) - JICA 2007




Solar water heating baseline study - GIZ NESP 2014

This study presents a baseline of the current hot water generation mehtods and use profiles in Nigeria, covering schools, hospitals, hotels, and homes. Data of energy consumption is then used to develop business cases for different use profiles to provide a basis for decision making for the promotion of solar water heaters (SWH). Download